residential servies Lake Mary FL

Forget about all the worries that a pool can bring you. With NuWave Pools in Lake Mary, all you have to do is enjoy your pool! So Let us make you pool brand NU. Our service includes:

  • Maintenance of filtration system
  • Application of appropriate chemicals
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Documentation via a maintenance log
residential servies Lake Mary fl

In the last 30 years, NuWave has transformed from a one man operation to one of the largest service companies in Central Florida. Although the size of the company changed, the core values and basic beliefs remain the same. Founded on the basic beliefs that success is a result of hard work, persistence, professionalism, integrity, and always putting the needs of the customer first are still the values and driving force of each NuWave team member. We are passionate about our work and committed to providing our customers world class service.