Energy efficient requirements

Effective March 15, 2012

Based on the new national and state regulations, beginning March 15, 2012 the installation of pumps/pump motors must comply with the requirements found in the 2010 Florida Energy & Conservation Code. The code requires that when a pump/pump motor (larger than one horsepower) needs to be replaced, it must be replaced with a pump with two or more speeds.

We conducted testing on the Pentair variable speed pump (pictured below) and we are very impressed with its performance. Based on our calculations (see attached worksheet) homeowners in central Florida will save approximately $400.00 per year in electrical expenses. These savings could be significantly different (higher or lower) based on the manner in which the pump is used. The real key to the savings is to set the pump to run for a long period of time at a very low speed.

The new variable speed pumps are considerably more sophisticated than the one speed pumps and consequently cost more. Based on our research, homeowners will recoup through energy savings this additional expense within a 2 year period.

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